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JM Surface Solutions provides pressure washing (power washing) services with that critical first impression as our highest priority. JMSS will make certain the exterior of your business presents the best possible impression. Our Residential Pressure Washing competitive pricing will ensure that you are getting the most efficient clean for the buck. Your investment in pressure washing should never be compromised by any disruption to your operation. JMSS schedules and performs our work to eliminate interruptions in your operation. To the right you will find a list of the most common commercial services we offer in the Boise area. Our services are not limited to this list. If you have a unique or sensitive cleaning need, contact us. We will visit your site and provide a free consultation and a competitive price for the work. JMSS wants to earn your trust and contribute to your success.

Power Washing for Schools & Universities

Many areas on campus could benefit from pressure washing. Campus buildings, walkways, restrooms, and parking lots are just a few critical areas that need proper cleaning using our industrial professional pressure washer.

Parking Lot & Asphalt Pressure Washing

Protect your constituents, employees and their pets by keeping sidewalks and parking lots clean. About 70% of concrete stains are from fungus, molds, and mildew. These types of bacterial growths are due to poor environmental conditions such as water, humidity, temperature and lack of ventilation.

Tennis Court Washing

Tennis courts tend to attract things like mildew; mold and algae that can all make a tennis court slippery, which can result in slip and fall hazards, and injured players. In addition, the life expectancy of a court surface increases dramatically by periodic maintenance.

Pressure washing can help prevent the spread of the flu!

We understand that you need to protect your customers, employees or students from the flu and other communicable diseases. As you know, the COVID-19 coronavirus is another type of infectious disease and is very contagious, so taking preventive measures becomes a crucial task for virtually any facility. Ongoing preventative maintenance and pressure cleaning are two excellent ways to protect everyone and to keep your operations running smoothly.

Sealing Services

Replacing your concrete deck, drive, and walkways with brick and stone pavers is an expensive upgrade that adds beauty and value to your home. Protect your investment by using JMSC for our concrete sealing services or driveway sealing to ensure the beauty and integrity of your pavers for years to come.

Whether your pavers are newly installed or have been in place for some time, cleaning and sealing or repairing your brick pavers can help protect against the following types of damage:

  • Fading
  • Staining
  • Chipping
  • Cracking
  • Efflorescence (white, crystalline deposits) on bricks

When searching for concrete sealing contractors, look no further than JMSC Sealing Services. We clean, seal and restore all stone and concrete surfaces using our unique methods involving non-slip, non-skid shield technology.

Pressure Washing for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Just like universities and shopping centers, multi-unit residential builds have a high risk of spreading viruses and flu. Pressure washing is the answer. Here are a few areas where pressure washing will not only beautify your multi-residential building; it will also clean and disinfect it.

  • 1Sidewalks
  • 2Common areas such as public restrooms
  • 3Pool Decks
  • 4Parking garages
Protecting the environment from wash water runoff and complying with governmental storm drain regulations is important to us at JMSC.

The commercial buildings need to have a fresh and new look for the owners as well as the customers. And remember the first impression of something is always pretty important for your customers. So that is why JM Surface Solutions is here to do all of the hard work for you and get the power washing done by our team experts. JM Surface Solutions
has proven success in the Power Wash industry. With the use of low water pressure cleaning methods, we are offering the best and safest power washing services that are here to completely wash off the commercial building and give it a fresh look. Our goal is always to clean off all of the property and to make our clients happy with our services.


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