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Professional Power Washing
Professional Power Washing

JM Surface Solutions provides a professional power washing & surface sealing services.

Commerical Power Washing

JM Surface Solutions provides a professional power washing & surface sealing services.

JM Surface Solutions

When power washing is done annually by our professionals, it helps clean, protect, and makes the surfaces of your home look beautiful. JM Surface Solutions delivers an enormous range of exterior cleaning options from you to choose on. The two best services for you are the following: Commerical Power Washing and Residental Power Washing.

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Pressure washing can help prevent the spread of the flu!

Winter isn’t just hard for us humans, but it can be pretty hard for our exterior as well. If you look outside you will actually notice that the driveways, sidewalks, deck aren’t looking as before. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore because here at JM Surface Solution we know how to get them shining again like before. And the answer to all of this is Residential Power Washing. Thanks to the pressurized water, we will get rid of all that dust and grime from your exterior and you will get the freshness restored.

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Professional Power Washing

With the use of our services, you will get all of the algae and dirt removed, and washing away the sand, moss, and salt will eliminate the risk of damaging your concrete, paving, or wood. By doing a professional and full power wash you will actually be enhancing the life of your exterior. Also by bringing back the shininess of your exterior people will actually spot it. And will be curious about how you actually restored it in great shape as before.

Commercial Power Washing

JM Surface Solutions is offering services done by certified and highly educated and trained technicians that provide you with the best, safest, as well as the longest-lasting cleaning solutions for your exterior.

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Protecting the environment from wash water runoff and complying with government storm drain regulations is important to us at JMSC.

Our team is available to clean most of the surfaces including buildings, decks, sideways, roofs, windows, etc. And we also clean all types of wood, metals, aluminum, bricks, and blocks, etc. We are experts that have years of experience in this role so this is nothing new to us. Everything that you will request will be done by us and we guarantee you 100% satisfaction. Contact Us today and We will be working with you until you are fully satisfied, we value our customers and try to give them the best services for the most affordable prices.

Our Testimonials.
"John did a wonderful job with the exterior of our house. His machine is perfect, and he did it very quickly. Thank you"
Jen Finestra
Amherst, NY
"JM did a wonderful job on our patio. It looks like the day we got it poured!"
Maggie Flatcher
Clarence, NY
"I always use JM and recommend them to my friends because the process is always seamless."
Debra Stevenson
Williamsville, NY


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